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Super Tips From The World's
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Looking to make a lot of money online selling your own products? Or maybe you're looking to make money with Affiliate Programs, but don't know WHICH affiliate program to sign up for? Perhaps you just need to boost your opt-in mailing list signups? If you said YES to any of these, then Guru Magic - Super Tips From the World's Top Internet Marketing Experts is the E-Book for you!

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From The Author...

It's Harvey Segal here. If I can give you just one tip for success in any field it's this: Follow an expert. So if you want to become a Net entrepreneur or build an online business then you need to find a top Internet Marketing expert. Where to look? Well we have made it easy for you. We asked all the leading gurus "Tell us YOUR top tips for success!"

They gave us their answers and we put them in our E-Book
Guru Magic!

Common Internet Marketing Scenarios...

You're looking to make money online, right? Maybe just enough money to supplement your income from your day job? Maybe enough money to quit that day job and work from home, spending more time with your family and friends? You may even be looking to be the next Internet Superstar, the next Rags-to-Riches Online success story?

But right now it seems a long way off, at the far end of a long and difficult road - if at all - doesn't it?

You're feeling overwhelmed. You've want to make money online, but where to begin? And how do you go about it? Do you start by:
  • Building your own web site?
  • Starting, renting or buying a mailing list?
  • Writing an E-Book?
  • Joining & promoting affiliate marketing programs?
  • Advertising in E-Zines, Newsletters, on Seach Engines?
  • Selling at Auctions at E-Bay & Yahoo!?
Simple? Yeah, sure. Simple like translating Descartes' Meditations from French to Yindjibarndi maybe? No wonder you're feeling overwhelmed!


You're feeling frustrated. You bounced around the net, signed up for a few affiliate programs and you began promoting them. You laid out some of your scarce, hard-earned bucks for various programs and schemes along the way, and now you're feeling frustrated because:
  • You built a web site, but nobody came...
  • You put up banners, but nobody clicked...
  • You bought a professional FFA page, but the leads never responded...
  • You bought a 'clean' list of e-mails, but got accused of spamming...
  • You sold a couple of auction items, but the buyer reversed the credit card transaction & you're out the merchandise AND the cash...
You've put hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars into this, and your first affilate check just arrived - and it's for $6. OF COURSE you feel frustrated!

You see, we know how you feel - Because we've been there ourselves!!! Never enough time. Bills mysteriously going up each month while income stays stagnant. So much information coming in from all sides at once that it's paralyzing. Always running, but just never getting anywhere. And worst of all, not knowing what to do about it...

Oh yeah... We know how you feel because we felt that way too... Until we discovered that:

There's No Need To Re-Invent
The Internet Marketing 'Wheel'!

You already know some men and women are making lots of money online. In countries all over the world some have it all figured out and are capitalizing on their Internet Marketing Expertise - BIG TIME! Experts. Internet Warriors. The Big Dogs. Super-Affiliates & Guerilla Marketers. The E-Book King & the E-Zine Queen. Collectively, The Gurus.

As my dear ol' Daddy used to say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And these Gurus sure aren't broke! <G> Nor do their online marketing methods need to be 'fixed'. Their systems work. Period. Just ask the harried, overworked guys kissing their butts. You know - their Bank managers.

So don't try to carve a new path through solid rock when the Magic Flying Carpet already exists. It's simple - just do as they do! Get each of them to share their story and their top Super Tips with you, then check out their sites to see EXACTLY what they're doing to rake in the big bucks. Think they'd tell you?

Don't feel bad - they probably wouldn't tell us either. Too busy making money and enjoying their newly-found freedoms to even acknowledge us. But fortunately for both of us, they did take the time to tell one of their own, and he's sharing it ALL with the rest of us.

What's in the GURU MAGIC E-Book?

Internet Super-Author & viral marketing expert Harvey Segal interviewed 37 of the top Internet marketing gurus from around the world, getting each to share their top tips in one of 12 areas of online marketing. Great, ultra-valuable info from the likes of:
  • Jimmy D. Brown
  • Joe Vitale
  • Jim Daniels
  • Shelley Lowery
  • Declan Dunn
  • Jay Conrad Levinson
  • And over 30 others!
Plus - Not only do you get FULL DISTRIBUTION RIGHTS when you subscribe to our Marketing Domination E-Zine today, but inside GURU MAGIC you'll also find 5 Super Tips on how you can profit from giving away this free e-book yourself!

Subscribe and Get BOTH great
Internet Marketing Resources Now!

Remember: The Guru Magic E-Book is in .EXE
format, viewable on PCs only - Sorry, no Macs.

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Free Affiliate Masters Course E-Book

FREE Bonus E-Book #1:
Free Affiliate Masters Course E-Book

The Affiliate Masters Course will guide you through a step-by-step '10 DAY' process to building a traffic-generating income-producing Theme-Based Content Site.

E-BOOK FORMAT: .PDF for PCs and Macs.

Joint Venture Marketing Master E-Book

FREE Bonus E-Book #2:
Free Joint Venture
Marketing Master E-Book

WRITTEN BY: Jason Mangrum

One of the most powerful marketing techniques ever - The Art of Joint Venture Marketing. How to finally succeed using OTHER people's money, OTHER people's time, and OTHER people's traffic to make TONS of money on the Internet!

E-BOOK FORMAT: .EXE for PCs only.

Free E-zine JV Secrets E-Book

FREE Bonus E-Book #3:
Free E-zine JV Secrets E-Book
WRITTEN BY: Jason Potash

Increase your subscriber base, your traffic and YOUR PROFITS with E-Zine Joint Ventures! "How To Automatically Sign-up 300+ Targeted Subscribers Per Week Using Joint Ventures" 3 Case Studies From Publishers Who Are Doing It, And HOW They Are Doing It!

E-BOOK FORMAT: .PDF for PCs and Macs.


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Remember: The Guru Magic E-Book is in .EXE
format, viewable on PCs only - Sorry, no Macs.

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