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New Internet Marketing, Web Site Promotion, Web Site Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Affiliate Marketing Tips, Offers, Suggestions & Instructions weekly!
New Internet Marketing, Web Site Promotion, Web Site Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Affiliate Marketing Tips, Offers, Suggestions & Instructions weekly! Bookmark our site for easy returns!
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Making Money Online!

Whether it's web site marketing, web site promotion, submitting to search engines, optimizing meta-tags, email marketing, creating ebooks, marketing ebooks, writing newsletters, building email lists, creating affiliate programs, promoting affiliate programs, recruiting affiliates, building subscriber lists or any other form of Internet marketing, 99.63 times out of 100 it comes down to the same motivation - MAKING MONEY ONLINE!

You may be involved in earning a living directly from your online activities, as we do. You may be trying to build traffic to your website, in order to drive potential customers into your retail store(s). Or you may be promoting your brand through your web site, to influence shoppers when they see your products in the stores, or to think of your service first when they need it... In any of these cases, you're using the Internet to increase your earnings - thereby MAKING MONEY ONLINE!

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No matter what your Internet marketing needs, you'll find all the information and tools your need to be successful here on the Market My Dot Com! web site. What makes MMDC! different from other Internet marketing sites online? Our tips & advice come from years of experience in all areas of making money online... Three of our partner sites each serve up over ONE MILLION PAGE-VIEWS per year - The Cyber Surfer Models & Photographers Showcase, Champigny Photography and - all without spending 1 on advertising or web site promotion! We've earned thousands of dollars through affiliate programs, and our retail sales through continue to rise every year.

Originally designed as a resource to help ensure the success of those who joined Teri's Extreme Affiliate Marketing (T.E.A.M.), I have decided to open it up to the online public. Why? To recruit more T.E.A.M. members for my downline is one obvious answer - but there's more to it than that... Ten or twelve years ago I was a single mother, college-educated but unable to get a job - at 36 they said I was "too old" - raising my kids in public housing while we subsisted on welfare. Now, thanks to the Internet and a lot of hard work, I'm totally self-sufficient, my son attends one of the top schools in the country and we live in one of the city's best neighbourhoods - where our rent is higher than our total income was back then. And my new husband and I are enjoying life to the fullest!

Your Online Success Starts With Having The Right Tools And Info... Which Is Why You Need This Internet Marketing Success Toolkit!!!

So if I can help people, especially single mothers and retired seniors, so much the better. That part of my life was hell for me, and I don't want to see anyone else go through it. So please - use this information and these tools to your advantage in any legal, non-hurtful endeavor, and drop me a line if the site helps you...

Bookmark this site for easy return to these tools, and sign up for our mailing lists to be kept abreast of additions and developments. For maximum financial benefit, join the T.E.A.M. and let us help you directly. Then pick an area of expertise below and Start Making More Money!

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Drop us a line to let us know what you think of the site, OK? Wishing you ever-increasing success, both online & off...

T.E.A.M. Leader & Founder.

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Web Site Marketing

Marketing your web site is the next step beyond search engine optimization & submission. Pick up a lot of FREE Information on Web Site Marketing with these FREE E-Books: 33 Days to Online Profit, Ultimate Traffic Secrets, Greatest Marketing Secrets of the Ages, Psychological Secrets to Maximum Sales and E-Zine Joint Venture Secrets - all FREE, all available for Download HERE! And keep building your broadcast fax list - offline marketing will be just as important to your site as online marketing is as time goes on!

Web Site Promotion

Now you can use our Market My Dot Com! site to promote your web site big time! Our web site promotion webmaster tools include submitting your site to our Web Directory, Free E-Books to give away on your site and a new tool to Give your Web Site Traffic an Instant Boost!

I look forward to seeing you again soon! All The Best, T.C.

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Step-By-Step Training Videos Show You How To Turn PLR E-Books Into Unique Products To Sell Online!

New Internet Marketing Tools

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